Saturday, 16 January 2010

Eating out

Been a week of fun times this week.

Challenged with lots of eating out - It was Nick (my husbands) first week back on earlies, and I ended up doing lots of extra hours at work, leaving us both too tired to contemplate cooking...

It was difficult trying to make wise choices, but I managed it -> one night was all you can eat chinese, so I went with the boiled rice, and noodles as base, and kept away from ever so tempting egg fried rice, for toppings I headed towards the beef and mushroom, and chicken and pineapple.

Another two days saw pub meals (our local is so cheap it's cost effective ;-)), my favourites there are chicken fajitas, but i make sure i keep the cheese and guocamole to a minimum.

The biggest challenge though was when I craved an Indian....but even that I managed to find something on....A mixed grill at 7 points, to which i added a chapati at 4 points.

And the result? I lost another lb. Just shows you can eat out and still lose weight (Nick didn't count his points the same and he maintained, but having a lot less to lose he was happy with that).

I also tried this week a suggestion a friend had made to ween me off all the diet coke...chewing chewing gum...sadly all it resulted in was me getting paranoid i had cracked a tooth (turns out the tooth was already cracked and just has a filling holding it together). I wont be doing that one again.

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