Saturday, 2 January 2010

Day 1 - for the umpteenth time

Well it's 9 years since I first joined a weight watchers group, and whilst I should have been at "Gold" back in 2001/2002, and maintained ever since, I have played and played and played.

My best year has to have been 2008, when I lost the weight as part of a sponsored slim to raise money for the British Heart Foundation, I started back then at my highest ever weight of 16 stone 9 lbs, after seeing my dad have two heart attacks and making him a promise whilst in his hospital bed that I would lose the weight.

2009 would of been ok, if I'd got married in December instead of June....last year I lost weight for the first half, so much so that I had to have my wedding dress reduced from a size 20s to a size 14s, Dad was so proud when he walked me down the aisle, and all me and mum could do all day was cry. But after the wedding the weight slowely sneaked back on, and I finished the year 1lb more than I started it - it doesn't actually sound too bad when I say 1lb more, but then I realise what I really did was waste the year weight wise.

So here I am again. I rejoined ww online a few months back, but now I am deteremined, I have the husband back onside (after he had an arguement with a pair of trousers!) and also my cousin Michelle, and friend Lindsay supporting me (we are having "weigh ins" every Saturday where we pm each other our weights to keep us motivated.)

Day one has actually gone well, not only have I enjoyed my meals:- wheetabix minis at breakfast, Nachos at lunch, and Fajitas at tea, but I had 0.5 points left, plus an extra 4 points that I made up when I decided to attack the garage (2 hours of hard labour - this was another chore I'd put off for years).

I've also been online helping other members, well I may aswell make the most of what is now heading towards a decade of Weight Watchers membership!....I always remember my first ever members book, it said "This will be the last time I need to lose weight" - every time I rejoin I make that promise to myself.

So the goals this time - well to make myself feel good I remind myself first where I have come from (I refuse to go back to start - I hate that in Monopoly), so so far I have lost 2 stone and 11 1/2lb, however I still have another 3 stone and 6 1/2 lb to go. I have two holidays booked this year, one in May, and one in Oct....For May I want to be back as I was for my wedding, so I need to aim for atleast 1lb a week....For Oct I want to be in a that is a scary thought, so lets take it one day at a time eh???