Saturday, 16 January 2010

Eating out

Been a week of fun times this week.

Challenged with lots of eating out - It was Nick (my husbands) first week back on earlies, and I ended up doing lots of extra hours at work, leaving us both too tired to contemplate cooking...

It was difficult trying to make wise choices, but I managed it -> one night was all you can eat chinese, so I went with the boiled rice, and noodles as base, and kept away from ever so tempting egg fried rice, for toppings I headed towards the beef and mushroom, and chicken and pineapple.

Another two days saw pub meals (our local is so cheap it's cost effective ;-)), my favourites there are chicken fajitas, but i make sure i keep the cheese and guocamole to a minimum.

The biggest challenge though was when I craved an Indian....but even that I managed to find something on....A mixed grill at 7 points, to which i added a chapati at 4 points.

And the result? I lost another lb. Just shows you can eat out and still lose weight (Nick didn't count his points the same and he maintained, but having a lot less to lose he was happy with that).

I also tried this week a suggestion a friend had made to ween me off all the diet coke...chewing chewing gum...sadly all it resulted in was me getting paranoid i had cracked a tooth (turns out the tooth was already cracked and just has a filling holding it together). I wont be doing that one again.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Breaking the habbits

Well I survived week one of 2010, and the Christmas Weight has now gone...

I have to confess to this week a lot harder than previous, not the actual programme, that's easy enough to follow, but the self discipline...

I have one of my staff at work reminding me whenever I go near the treats that are out.

There was one day this week when my helper wasn't around though, so without anyone there to question me, I walked up the stairs to the chocolate machine, arguing with myself the whole way (I hope no one heard), having stared at the choices for what felt like five minutes before convincing myself a bar wasn't a good idea, so I forced myself to turn back and walk away from the machine, but it didn't finish there, because I had this pound in my hand I felt the need to spend it so I then walked all the way down to the drinks machine for a coke - I didn't even want coke, I realised at that moment that what I have is an addiction when it comes to putting food/drink in to my mouth. Having reasoned with myself again I decided to go back up the stairs and return to my desk empty handed before I had any other bright ideas....At least I got some exercise mind going up and down the stairs as I refrained from taking the lift (I haven't used that all week!!!)

To avoid further days like this, that evening, I gave the money from my purse to my husband to spend on our tea....since then I've just took food and drink to work with me and when it's gone it's gone (there's always the tap I can get water from free of charge)

This was working well until a staff member found half my present from Secret Santa had fallen off and was still in Santa's Sack from before was a chocolate bird filled with Smarties. This was like my worst nightmare, I had planned so well pre diet ensuring I had eaten every piece of chocolate in the house by the end of the 1st January, this even entailed force feeding two packs of chocolate fingers to my family who were across visiting.....I don't know quite how I managed this but I brought the bird home and gave it to my husband contents and all. I did however let myself have two small pieces of the shell.

On a positive side, exercise is one thing I seem to have done more of this week, a lot more than in a long time....On three days I went out in the snow for an hours walk with the hubby, and I also had my usual dance lesson, so I made up quite a few activity points. Plan is to do it all again this week (though hopefully minus the snow).

So here I am now, Saturday morning and weighing in a whole 2 lb lighter, I'm hoping next week to lose another 1 1/2 lb, that will then take me back to my three stone weight loss total.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

Day 1 - for the umpteenth time

Well it's 9 years since I first joined a weight watchers group, and whilst I should have been at "Gold" back in 2001/2002, and maintained ever since, I have played and played and played.

My best year has to have been 2008, when I lost the weight as part of a sponsored slim to raise money for the British Heart Foundation, I started back then at my highest ever weight of 16 stone 9 lbs, after seeing my dad have two heart attacks and making him a promise whilst in his hospital bed that I would lose the weight.

2009 would of been ok, if I'd got married in December instead of June....last year I lost weight for the first half, so much so that I had to have my wedding dress reduced from a size 20s to a size 14s, Dad was so proud when he walked me down the aisle, and all me and mum could do all day was cry. But after the wedding the weight slowely sneaked back on, and I finished the year 1lb more than I started it - it doesn't actually sound too bad when I say 1lb more, but then I realise what I really did was waste the year weight wise.

So here I am again. I rejoined ww online a few months back, but now I am deteremined, I have the husband back onside (after he had an arguement with a pair of trousers!) and also my cousin Michelle, and friend Lindsay supporting me (we are having "weigh ins" every Saturday where we pm each other our weights to keep us motivated.)

Day one has actually gone well, not only have I enjoyed my meals:- wheetabix minis at breakfast, Nachos at lunch, and Fajitas at tea, but I had 0.5 points left, plus an extra 4 points that I made up when I decided to attack the garage (2 hours of hard labour - this was another chore I'd put off for years).

I've also been online helping other members, well I may aswell make the most of what is now heading towards a decade of Weight Watchers membership!....I always remember my first ever members book, it said "This will be the last time I need to lose weight" - every time I rejoin I make that promise to myself.

So the goals this time - well to make myself feel good I remind myself first where I have come from (I refuse to go back to start - I hate that in Monopoly), so so far I have lost 2 stone and 11 1/2lb, however I still have another 3 stone and 6 1/2 lb to go. I have two holidays booked this year, one in May, and one in Oct....For May I want to be back as I was for my wedding, so I need to aim for atleast 1lb a week....For Oct I want to be in a that is a scary thought, so lets take it one day at a time eh???